Household dwelling data was updated on 5th of September.

House prices data was updated on 27th of September.


Pupil characteristics – first language data was updated on 29th of September.


Users trying to access crime and ASB data via the Community Safety profile or the Data Explorer will note that the figures for May 2022, June 2022 and July 2022 are currently incorrect and much lower than expected.

This affects both the monthly count / rate and the 12 month rolling count / rate figures.

The reason for this issue is Humberside Police are currently implementing a new crime recording system so are unable to provide complete crime, outcome or stop and search data.

Data will be updated when this work is complete.

Economy & Employment

Claimant Count (August 2022) was updated on 13th of September.

People in Universal Credit (August 2022) was updated on 14th of September.