What Are Advanced Data Tools?

What Are Advanced Data Tools?

Advanced Data Tools provide added functionality for the more confident data user.

There are two Advanced Data Tools:

Date Explorer

Using the Data Explorer, you can search for specific data, including data that isn’t available in the standard profiles and reports.

To find the data you need you can use your own search terms or apply filters to focus in on data by theme, geography or publisher.

Once selected you can display and download the data in tabular or chart format, create and download maps, add indicators to your ‘favourites’, and share your output with others.

Read the Data Explorer User Guide

Custom Area Reporter

Using the Custom Area Reporter, you can produce themed reports for your own bespoke geographical areas (e.g. a specific collection of LSOA or wards).

These customised reports, wherever possible, have the same content as the themed reports that are available on the Hull Data Observatory at standard LSOA and ward level.

They work by aggregating figures up from the smaller constituent geographies.

For example; you can use the Custom Area Reporter to define a neighbourhood as a set of specific LSOA. You can then generate a themed profile for that neighbourhood which  will aggregate figures  from the LSOA you chose.

Read the Custom Area Reporter User Guide