Ward Profiles

Ward Profiles

A ward is an area within a local authority, typically used for electoral purposes.

Wards are usually named after local neighbourhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks or geographical features and in some cases historical connections to the area.

There are currently 21 wards in Hull.

To view Hull’s ward boundaries Open the Hull Ward Map

NB: In May 2018 Hull underwent a ward boundary review and as a result both the number and geographical coverage of wards in the city changed. Many statistics are not currently available by these new ward boundaries. Wherever possible, where new ward level data is not available, figures have been aggregated up from LSOA level data using a best fit methodology. However, if LSOA level data is not available then this ward data may be missing from the Hull Data Observatory.

You can view a summary profile for a specific ward here:

Alternatively you can view a more detailed profile for a specific ward by selecting one of the following themes:

You can also view similar profiles at the citywide or LSOA level (data availability permitting) by selecting the appropriate geography at the top of this page.