Census 2021

The data from the UK armed forces veterans topic was published on 14th of January. Please read this post for more information.

Economy & Employment

People in Universal Credit (September 2022) was updated on 13th of January.

Claimant Count (September 2022) was updated on 30th of January.

Annual Population Survey data (ASHE, Business Counts, Job Density) was updated on 30th of January. However, NOMIS has since issued a warning that there were errors in their published data, which have now been rectified. As a consequence, we will have to re-run the update this month in order to correct the figures.



Note: The speed of non-census updates has been impacted by the ongoing processing and loading of new Census 2021 data. However, we expect these updates to return to normal as the census data processing reduces in February onwards.