This update covers multiple months:


Datasets that received updates:

  • Low Income Families
  • Health – fixes
  • Crime

Note on Crime – there have been some issues with the source data requiring additional processing checks. We aim to bring this dataset up to date in December.


Datasets that received updates:

  • Universal Credit (August + July update)
  • Claimant Count (August + July update)
  • Waste Data (minor fix)
  • Dwellings data (might just have been a fix too)

October / November

We have experienced some issues with changes to geographies used in the service that have led to data not passing our quality assurance checks. We expect to get the updates back on track through December and January.


Population Estimates

We are aware that the mid-2022 national and subnational population estimates for England were published last month. Our target is to add these to the data observatory by the end of December.