Children & Young People

Early Years data was updated on 28th April with 2022/2023 data. We have also provided additional indicators for 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.

Please note that as part of wider reforms to the EYFS, the EYFS profile was revised significantly in September 2021. It is therefore not possible to directly compare 2021/22 assessment outcomes with earlier years. As a result we deprecated several indicators as they have been superseded by new indicators from the revised EYFS profile.

All deprecated/superseded indicators can be found in our list of deprecated indicators.


Crime data was updated on 20th of April with data for Feb 2024.

Economy & Employment

Universal Credit data was updated on 19th of April (with an update for Feb 2024 and data for Mar 2024).

Claimant Count data was updated on 18th of April (with an update for Feb 2024 and data for Mar 2024).

Annual Population Survey data was updated on 28th of April with data up to Jan-Dec 2023.


Emissions dataset: scale factor error in emissions per km² and emissions per persons indicators fixed on 28th April. These indicators are now showing as tonnes per km² and tonnes per person respectively.


Small Area Population Estimates was updated on 3rd May with data for 2021 and 2022.